Dance for “Movember”

The month of November has been taken over by a global movement to promote men’s health. Men across the world endorse this cause by growing a mustache, making them walking billboards for men’s health. But the movement has sprouted more than just facial hair. In fact, the Movember Foundation, which is the force behind the movement, has collectively raised over $650 million for their cause. The charity has successfully funded countless programs focused on improving men’s health.

The health related issues they target include prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and physical inactivity. To specifically increase levels of physical activity among men, the Movemeber Foundation created a 30-Day MOVE Challenge. The Challenge dares participants to get active for thirty minutes each day, and track their movement. Sharing your participation helps raise funds for the cause, while getting you healthy.

Promoting Movement Through Physical Activity

The Foundation promotes all kinds of movement, from traditional exercise like walking or biking to less conventional methods like a game of ping pong. No activity is too big or too small, so long as you get moving. Not only can better physical health improve your physique, it will also improve your chances of avoiding certain diseases. In fact, regular exercise can reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer by up to 50%.

Unfortunately, only about half of men in the United States and Canada are exercising enough. Many men are turned off by the monotony and obligation of traditional exercise. If you are one of these men, or if you are looking to spice up your exercise routine, dance is the perfect option for you. While you are moving to the music you love, you are also gaining strength, enhancing your flexibility, and losing weight. Unlike simply jogging or walking, which can seem endlessly boring, dance can bring joy into working out.

Dancing is the perfect way to honor Movember; by moving around the floor, you are improving your overall health, which helps fight all of Movember’s main targets: mental and physical health issues. Though you will be burning calories, dancing provides a low impact work out that won’t hurt! Even if you are a beginner, dancing is a fun way to start up an exercise routine.

Move With Blueheel Today

To take on Movember’s 30-Day Challenge, contact Blueheel Dance Studio today. At Blueheel, we will get you started on your path to health and fitness in a fun and exciting atmosphere.



Movember is a movement for men’s health. For 30 days (in the month formerly known as November), MO Bros and MO Sistas rally to support the cause, get people talking and raise funds. Together we’re tackling some of the biggest health issues faced by men – prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity.
GROW YOUR MO FOR 30 DAYS TO CREATE A POSITIVE CHANGE FOR MENS HEALTH! You don’t have to have a moustache to care about men’s health. MO Sistas, fundraise for the men in your life! Here’s how you can participate.
This year there’s a new way to do Movember.
MOVE is a new initiative introduced this year – a 30-day physical fitness challenge for MO bros and sistas. Take 30 minutes of activity a day – so why not dance? No MOVE is too big or small. MO Sistas, this is your time to shine. MOVE is your way to do something tangible for men’s health. 
Encourage your MO bros and sistas to take up this challenge!
 $30 for 30 days. For just $30, sign up to receive an unlimited dance pass for any drop-in group lesson in November.* Proceeds go to the Movember Foundation.
Friday, Nov 13 | 9:15pm
Two locations | Wolfdale Studio & Oakville Studio
Guys, grow n show your MO to raise awareness for men’s health. Wear your best MO and win a prize for the Most Creative MO Contest. Fake moustaches allowed. So ladies, go wild!
Tickets: Students by Donation | Guests $20.
Proceeds go towards the Movember Foundation.
* Not valid in conjunction with other offers. Offer expires Nov 30th, 2015




 Date: Sunday, December 6, 2015

Venue: Le Dome Banquet Hall, Oakville

173 North Service Rd E, Oakville

This fall, allow your imagination to turn to Ancient Greece – Playground of the Gods as they dance, compete and cavort through the heavens and earth. Join us for this exciting Fall Dance Showcase as students and instructors channel Zeus, Athena, Hermes and the spirit of Ancient Greece through their dance presentations and shows.

The myth of Aphrodite and Adonis is but one of the many stories involving love, beauty and intrigue among the precocious Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece. Stay tuned as we bring you updates on costume ideas, accessories and other intriguing stories from the Parthenon.

Meanwhile, tickets are on sale and you can get them though your studio.

Mississauga 905 272 3262 | Port Credit 905 274 3262 | Oakville 905 849 0008

DAY PASS: $35.00 | 1pm – 5pm.

DINNER, DANCE & SHOW: (includes day pass) $99 |6 pm – 10pm






“There is nothing so sexy as a man who can dance”. Don’t take it from us. Take it from the ladies who keep telling us how they wish their guy would dance. It’s hard enough for a guy to understand a woman, let alone what appeals to her and how her mind works. So guys, let’s use science to us help you break down the code.

Women Love Good Dancers: It’s Scientific Fact

If you still don’t believe that the man who dances gets the girl, you don’t have to take our word for it. German researchers recently conducted a scientific study on the subject of men’s dance moves. According to the date report, “they asked 53 women to watch two videos of men dancing simultaneously. One screen displayed a male they deemed a ‘good’ dancer; the other a ‘bad’ one…Unsurprisingly, most of the women polled in the study tended to ogle the superior cuter of rug, labeling him both more ‘attractive’ and ‘masculine.”

The Power of Dance

Unfortunately, many men are missing out on the power of dance simply because they think taking lessons would be “unmanly.” Actually, this couldn’t be further from the truth, and some savvy suitors are catching on to the fact that “he who dances gets the girl.” In the Men’s Health article “Why Women Love Guys Who Can Dance,” professional choreographer, Tabitha D’Umo, comments: “If you have the moves and you have the moves well, women really find that attractive…”. So, what are you waiting for? You don’t have to wait on the sidelines while the ladies are out on the dance floor busting out Beyoncé moves. You can get out there and be part of the party.

Build Confidence With Great Moves

It’s ironical but men are afraid of getting on the dance floor because they don’t know how to dance and they’re afraid to take dance lessons because they’re afraid they’ll look awkward in class because they don’t know what to do. The real fear is that men hate being out of their comfort zone and not being in control. At Blueheel Dance Studios, we start by putting men at ease. Right from the very start, we teach them how to take control.

Once they get that on the dance floor, the man is in charge, everything else is a breeze. Learning patterns, steps, rhythm and timing are part of the program at Blueheel Dance Studios. You will learn everything you need to know, from how to ask a girl to dance to expertly maneuvering her across the room. Women will be quite literally swept off their feet by your dancing skills and they will want to know more about you.

Take it from student, Mark G., who said, “I’m really glad I took dance lessons. It’s one of the best life skills I’ve learned.”

Trade the Gym for the Studio

Dance lessons can help you build the confidence women find sexy, but that’s not all they can do. By attending dance classes, you’ll also be getting fit and having fun. Instead of another day at the gym, you could be working out on the dance floor. This can give you the graceful moves women love and help tone your physique—a win-win! Even if you aren’t looking for a lady, dancing is a great way to get in shape and improve your self-esteem.

Have You Already Gotten the Girl?

If you’re already coupled, dance lessons are a fun way to spice up your relationship. Your significant other will be happy to get closer to you while you discover new moves together. Your spouse or partner will undoubtedly be thrilled that you brought the sexy back into your relationship. You can even surprise her with lessons—they make a great gift!

Are You Ready to Man Up and Dance?

If you’re a man aged 20 or older and ready to meet ladies with your dancing abilities, Blueheel Dance Studios is here to help you boost your confidence and attract the girl of your dreams. Contact us today to find out more, sign up for your free trial, or enroll in a class!


Influencing adolescent youth with the “new cool” 


Did you know that dance holds the power to completely change a child for the better? Caroline Augustin, founder of Blueheel Dance Studio says, “Kids may come to us shy and lacking confidence in themselves and their self expression, but by the end of the program they have discovered a new found sense of self esteem and a strong sense of achievement. We see this…in our Latin and Ballroom Dance Program for Kids.”

Augustin says that TV shows like “Dancing with the Stars” has given Latin & Ballroom dancing a new cool factor for kids. “They are being exposed to the more exciting aspects of partner dancing – cool choreography, stunning lifts and moves, beautiful costumes – and they want to be a part of the new cool.”

Dancing Aids in Development

Additionally, there is evidence which shows that developing a sense of rhythm through music and dance greatly enhances cognitive skills, speech development and behavioral patterns in adolescent youth. Dr. Susan Denham of Plymouth University, UK, researched how the brain processes music and other sounds, and found that, “people come into the world with brains that are wired-up to detect patterns.”

These reasons alone are some of the most basic reasons to enroll in dance classes.

Kids Dance Classes – Start Them Early

unnamedFrom September 2013 to June 2014, Blueheel Dance Studio will offer a new Latin and Ballroom Dance for Kids program, based on the internationally recognized DVIDA (Dance Vision International Dance Association Syllabus. Some of the note-able information on this new program is:

  • There will be beginner, intermediate and advanced classes for age groups 7 to 12 and 13 to 17.
  • Kids and teens will look forward to year-end dance performances to show their accomplishments to family and friends.
  • Kids and teens will earn a year-end certificate for their efforts.

For over a decade, Blueheel Dance Studio has had a reputation for unparalleled energy and passion for ballroom dance and superior dance instruction.

For more information on the Latin and Ballroom Dance Program for Kids or any of our other dance programs contact us today.

You can call Blueheel Dance Studio at :

Wolfedale, Mississauga – 905-272-3262

Port Credit, Mississauga – 905 274 3262

Oakville – 905 849 0008

or visit our website at You can also email us at


Tim Hortons Southside Shuffle Blues and Jazz Festival 2015

With an abundance of events in Memorial Park and live entertainment in the restaurants, pubs, coffee houses, clubs and outdoor cafes of Port Credit, there is something for everyone at the Shuffle.

September 11- 12- 13
The festival attracts over 70,000 people to the village of Port Credit over the course of the weekend to enjoy the music, food and entertainment in a safe and festive atmosphere.

Friday, Sept 11th: 8:30pm – Swing Party  at the Blueheel Port Credit Studio, 34 Lakeshore Rd E,

Saturday, Sept 12th: 2:00pm – 6:00pm – Street Party Swing with Blueheel Dance Studios and the Jive Bombers at

 Port Street Market
133 Lakeshore Road East

Click here for full schedule.

For tickets and information: call 905 274 3262



From Friday August 21 – Sunday, August 23, the streets of Port Credit will be filled with a spectacular line-up of over 60 professional Buskers. Expect to see the best comedians, contortionists, magicians, mimes, sword-swallowers, human statues, jugglers, escape artists, and acrobats from around the world.  Expect to experience side-splitting comedy, eye-popping acrobatics and mind-bending daredevil stunts …right here in South Mississauga!

You can take in the sights on the street below or from the beautiful view of our Blueheel Port Credit 3rd Floor windows and party right on till midnight where you can expect to see some of the best Salsa dancers in town!

Join us this

Friday, August 21st at the

Port Credit Studio, 34 Lakeshore Road East, Unit 301

8:30pm Salsa Lesson

PLUS: Get a Kizomba preview with Angella Seth

9:15pm Dance to the rhythms DJ King K till the early morn’.

PLUS: Get a Kizomba preview with Angella Seth

Tickets $10.00

For tickets and more information, please call 905 274 3262

See you at the Salsa Party!


Rock the Runway Workshop| Course: Hyping up for Milan, Blueheel Dance Studio brings to you this awesome workshop | course. Bring out the total woman in you. Walk beautiful, look  fantastic with catwalk coaching, make-up & grooming lectures. Fun, freeing and runway fantastic.
Bring on sexy! But not everybody can. And when you have to do a flirty little cha cha with zest and pizzazz, where do reach down into to channel Beyonce? That’s why this Runway Workshop is such a big hit with our ladies. We learn to bust a move, strike a pose and how to laugh at our own insecurities and then break right out of them.  Find out why this totally fun, totally female, workshop|course has clicked with our female audience.
From $99. Call your studio today for details!
Mississauga 905 272 3262 | Oakville 905 849 0008





Kick off the Summer in Downtown Oakville with our SOCIAL SALSA SATURDAYS!


Every Saturday from 6:30PM – 9:30PM

Blueheel Dance Studio: 334 Church St., Downtown Oakville.

Can’t Salsa? No Problem!

Start the evening of with our Salsa Lesson. Beginners welcome!

No partner? No worries.

Salsa dancers make friends fast.
It’s a great social environment to meet new people.

No rhythm? You’ll be surprised.

DJ Walter will have you pulsing to the beat of the best Salsa music in town.

Entrance: $10 (Includes Salsa lesson)

Hot Beverage Service by: Aroma Expresso Bar

See you there!

For more information: call 905 849 0008




Discover the fashion and the passion of dance as Blueheel presents yet again another unique, surprise twist to its Student Showcase, Dinner & Dance. This time we take to the Runway with this Milan, fashion inspired showcase. Dance and fashion have always gone hand in hand – from top to toe, head to heel – we have a dance & fashion statement to make.

DATE: Sunday, June 14th | 2015
VENUE: Le Dome Banquet Centre, 1173 North Service Rd E, Oakville (map)
Doors Open: 12:00 noon
Kids|Youth Showcase: 12:30pm
Adult Showcase: 1:30pm
Room Flip|Cocktails: 5:00pm
Gala Dinner & Dance: 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Day Pass: $35+tax
Gala Dinner & Dance: $99 +tax (includes Day Pass)




Discover the fashion and the passion of dance as Blueheel presents yet again another unique, surprise twist to its Student Showcase, Dinner & Dance. This time we take to the Runway with this Milan, fashion inspired showcase. Dance and fashion have always gone hand in hand – from top to toe, head to heel – we have a dance & fashion statement to make.

DATE: Sunday, June 14th | 2015
VENUE: Le Dome Banquet Centre, 1173 North Service Rd E, Oakville (map)
Doors Open: 12:00 noon
Kids|Youth Showcase: 12:30pm
Adult Showcase: 1:30pm
Room Flip|Cocktails: 5:00pm
Gala Dinner & Dance: 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Day Pass: $35+tax
Gala Dinner & Dance: $99 +tax (includes Day Pass)


Instead of resolving to exercise more . . . track the steps you’re already taking. Instead of resolving to be more like Beyoncé . . . learn how to dance like her. VOGUE CULTURE.

Sydney McBride, Elite Daily blogger, is not the only one turning those unattainable new year resolutions on their head. This year, make a resolution you can keep. Stop doing things that are no longer in your best interest. McBride suggests 15 things you must STOP doing in 2015 to truly move forward and live this year to the fullest:

1. Stop showing and telling everything to everyone.

The world does not need to know your every move; leave some things to the imagination. Mystery is good.

2. Stop comparing yourself to others.

What you see is NOT what you get, or even what the true reality of a situation is. We all spend way too much of our time comparing our lives to others; yet, we all forget that the pictures we see of others on Instagram and Facebook are simply highlights of their lives.

They aren’t the everyday; they aren’t the struggle; they aren’t the bad hair day. They are the edited, Photoshopped and posed highlight reel of a momentary highlight of someone else’s life.

3. Stop worrying about what others think of you.

People will judge you regardless of what you do, so do what you want. There’s nothing wrong with walking your own journey on a path you create.

You don’t have to do, like or want the things that other people try, love or desire. Start that blog, write that article or wear that outfit about which you’ve been hesitant. In the great words of Kid Cudi, “They gon’ judge me anyway, so whatever.”

4. Stop waiting.

If you don’t take the chance or risk it all now… when will you? Time will always be hard to find. Start now and go after what you want, or wait for later and hope that later isn’t too late. more…


At Blueheel Dance Studios, the discovery of dance never ends. There’s always a new step to learn, a new song to dance to, a new revelation that peels off another layer of wonderment and desire to perfect. But dance is only a tool, a stepping stone to meet new year expectations – stress less, loose lbs, get healthy, learn something new, socialize more, channel your creative self, look and feel like Beyonce ; )  It’s 2015. Challenge yourself.




“Mi Casa Su Casa” approach to business places Blueheel at top of their category in the dance industry and poised for even greater growth.



Mississauga, Ontario.  November 1st, 2013.

Blueheel Dance Studios today announced its 10th year anniversary in the business of teaching people how to dance.  Since opening its first studio in Mississauga in 2003 followed by the second one in Oakville in 2007, Blueheel has delighted tens of thousands of local residents with the enjoyable art of partner dancing.

“This is a significant milestone for a small business such as ours,” said Caroline Augustin, founder of Blueheel Dance Studios. “It is extremely rewarding to be able to develop a vibrant organization that serves thousands and provides meaningful work for many talented people.”

Augustin attributes Blueheel’s success to a strong management philosophy of integrity and inclusiveness. Together with partners Bee Songvilay and Fernando Rodriguez, Augustin would like to thank its clients, business partners and dedicated employees for building the Blueheel family. “We plan to mark the occasion with year long festivities and events.”

Blueheel has always been an active and integrated community partner, so it is timely and meaningful to be participating in the November 8th “Dancing with the Mississauga Stars” Fundraiser Event organized by the Community Foundation of Mississauga.

This will be followed by the Blueheel Black Tie Affair on Dec 1st, a gala evening of dinner, dance & shows, featuring some of Canada’s top dance talent.


About Blueheel

Blueheel Dance Studio is a professional dance school specializing in Latin and Ballroom dancing.  Dances taught include the more traditional Waltz, Tango, Mambo, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Rumba, Cha Cha and Swing as well as the now extremely popular Latin Club Dances like Salsa, Merengue & Bachata.

Blueheel Dance Studio focuses its efforts on bringing dance into the everyday lives of people. It offers dance lessons and programs for adults, youth & kids from social dancing to special events like weddings and performances.

For more information about this press release or to schedule an interview, please call Caroline Augustin at 416 726 3448 or email



Hi Caroline – just thought I’d love to report that we are back from our cruise…we had a terrific time. Terry and I were the only ones to actually venture out on the dance floor the first few nights we were there, no one else was on the dance floor….and people actually applauded us!!!! Thanks to you and B for turning a couple of frogs into a “Royal Couple”. At our insistence that we needed the practice, the gang joined us on subsequent nights, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it, everyone looked terrific! We can’t thank you both enough!
July 2011


Thanks Caroline, Bee, Brandon and everyone at Blueheel for the support, motivation and friendships that help me achieve my goal of participating in a competition. Couldn’t have done it without you!….Caroline – I want to thank you again for Sunday, not only for the support… you have built a very good company. Your staff and your vision of creating a family atmosphere is something very special and probably something that distinguishes you from your competitors. I applaud you for being such a good business woman, a counsellor, a teacher, dance enthusiast, fashion coordinator and friend.

See you soon.

Victoria Grieve
June 2011
Note: Victoria got Top Student Award at the Niagara Dancesport Competion and all gold medals for her 55 entries


Fernando & Iulia – Thank you for helping make Erin’s birthday a memorable one. The time and effort that you shared with us helped make the night a success. Everyone had a wonderful time and were most impressed with your talents. Keep up the amazing work you are doing to spread that “feel good” feeling.

Pat, Shirley & Erin


Fernando – We can’t thank you enough for choreographing a beautiful first dance for our wedding. Our guests loved it! You’re a great instructor & made the lessons enjoyable during such a hectic time. Thank you for your kindness & patience & helping us create a truly beautiful memory.



The thrill of using your newfound dance skills can be made much more enjoyable when you make yourself familiar with the norms and etiquette of social dancing. Newcomers especially will do well to pay attention to some basic rules. Dance Etiquette  applies to both males and females

1. Personal Hygiene. Pretty basic but you’ll be surprised…

Good hygiene before and during the dance party shows respect and consideration for the other dancers.

  • Take a shower and brush your teeth before going to a dance.
  • Avoid eating foods that have onions or garlic and spicy foods before a dance or lesson.
  • Wear antiperspirant deodorant. If you do perspire a lot while dancing, it is a good idea to bring a hand towel with you so you can wipe off the perspiration in between dances. It is not fun to dance with a dripping partner. Some dancers usually bring an extra shirt or two with them and change throughout the night. Cotton shirts absorb perspiration well, plus have the added benefit of cooling you!
  • Drink plenty of fluids. Dancing can cause dehydration, which causes dry mouth and this can result in bad breath.


2. Comfort and safety

Your outfit and accessories should be comfortable, safe, and easy to dance in.

  • Take sharp keys out of your pockets. Gentlemen: if you have no place to leave your keys and loose change, carry them in the left pocket of your trousers. This makes it less likely to bruise your partner. Ladies, use your right pocket.
  • Do not to wear any sharp or protruding rings, long necklaces, bracelets or hair decorations, or take them off before you hit the dance floor. Less is always better when it comes to jewellery.
  • Remove watches, brooches and big belt buckles can be hazardous on the dance floor. They can catch in partner’s clothing, scratch and bruise.
  • Stiletto heels are sharp enough to pierce a foot. Wear your dance shoes as these don’t damage the floor.
  • Avoid sleeveless shirts and tank tops, especially for active dancing: It is not pleasant to have to touch the damp skin of a partner.
  • Long hair should be put up or tied. It is difficult to get into closed dance position when the lady has long flowing hair and it is not fun to be hit in the face with flying hair during turns and spins.


3. Asking for a Dance

“May I have this dance?” “Would you like to dance?”

  • It believed that traditionally the man is expected to ask the women to dance. This is merely derived from observation rather than by knowing the rules on the subject.
  • When asking for a dance do not ask from a distance as it can make for an awkward moment if a number of people think they have been asked to dance, and you have to tell them that they were not.
  • Make eye contact when asking for a dance. If your partner says yes, smile, offer your hand, and escort him or her onto the dance floor and into dance position.
  • If someone is sitting closely with their significant other, talking quietly to each other, then it is probably not a good time to ask him/her for a dance.
  • If someone appears to be in a normal conversation with another, approach, standing close and interested. When your intended partner makes eye contact, smile and ask “Dance?”
  • If two men ask the same lady to dance at the same moment, neither men should stand down, the lady must choose one or the other. It is often most appropriate to offer the next dance to the man who was turned down. The same applies when the genders are reversed.


4. Accepting a dance

Yes, thank you, I’d love to dance.

  • When someone asks you to dance, your response should nearly always be, “Yes, thank you, I’d love to.” It is never acceptable to say “no” to one person and then “yes” to another, “better” dancer on the same dance. Few experiences are more demoralizing to the rejected partner, and your three minutes of fun are not worth ruining someone else’s entire evening.


5. When and how to decline a dance

Dance etiquette requires that one should avoid declining a dance unless you absolutely have to. However, a social dance is not an endurance marathon where you must dance until you drop.

  • You can decline a dance if you need to take a rest. You must be consistent, if you tell one person you are too tired to dance, you should not then dance with another.
  • You can also decline a dance if you have promised the dance to someone else.
  • When declining a dance, one should ask for a later dance instead: “No, thank you, I’m taking a break. Would you like to do another dance later?”
  • Being declined can be difficult, especially for beginners and shy individuals, who may be discouraged from social dancing.


5. Being declined

When turned down, one should at first take it at face-value. When a dance can last for hours, there are not many people who can keep dancing non-stop and therefore will need to take a break from time to time.


6. On the dance floor

The floor is for dancing. When not dancing, stand clear of the dance floor! If you want to get to the opposite side of the dance floor walk around the edge, not through the dancers.

  • Direction of Dance: Also known as Line of Dance. This is the direction in which you should move around the dance floor which is generally counter clockwise around the room.
  • Beginners in the centre: Faster, more experienced dancers should be in the outermost lane, intermediate dancers in the middle lane and inexperienced dancers in the centre of the ballroom. Beginners will generally move more slowly round the floor so it is expected that they stay closer to the centre of the room.
  • Avoiding Collisions: It is the responsibility of the the passing couple to avoid contact with of the other. Experience dancers will often get past effortlessly given their better knowledge of floorcraft. However, trying to squeeze past when there is not enough room is frowned upon.
  •  Courtesy is the rule: If a collision does happen, simply apologise and move on. Tempermental outbursts or outward shows of disapproval are not acceptable.


7. Never criticize or blame your partner for mistakes. (This includes a spouse or significant other.)  Never correct or teach other dancers (even if it is solicited).  Leave it to the professionals.  This way, the correct information is sure to be delivered with no chance of you being the cause of hurt feelings, or injured pride.  Simply refer the dancer to their teacher for the additional information.