Feel the freedom. Discover the passion. Experience the dance.

Dance. A funny thing happens when the music starts to play. The feet start to tap and the fingers drum the beat. You feel this irresistible rhythm resonate inside you and you know you must get up and dance. Just because you don’t know how to, shouldn’t stop you from enjoying one of life’s greatest pleasures. Whether you’re doing it for yourself, to impress a special someone, preparing for a special occasion, to keep fit or simply for the fun of it, Blueheel Dance Studios will help you make a lasting impression. We believe that life is a dance – a dance of love, passion, joy, greatness or great discovery. We want you to find the brilliant dance within yourself and the radiant self within your dance.
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Whether it’s drop in group lesson or a personal one on one with your dance instructor, you will find a comfort level of your own as we walk your through the paces. Most students come for the lessons, but they stay for the party!
Click here to book a free trial lesson in any one of our Oakville or Mississauga Studios .It’s free and it’s fun. And it’s the best way to get your feet on the floor. Or call: Mississaug 905 272 3262 Oakville 905 849 0008

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul”

Martha Graham